Learning English is fun

Learning English is fun

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The First lesson and my English Icon.

Hi everyone!
  I'm Mariló and I'm studying Nursery Education at the University of Extremadura. 
  I've chosen to specialize in teaching English to very young learners.
  In this blog I'm going to tell you about a really good book which we are using in our classes and with it we are learning many things related with the teaching in the early childhood. 
  To begin, we´re working with the book "English for Primary Teachers", whose authors are Mary Slattery and Jane Willis.

In the first lesson, they tell us how is the learning in childhood and how we have to keep this in mind to teach and to improve the English in the pupils.

In addition the authors teach us greetings to Start our sessions in English and for that we can use routines about the weather, the date or to check the roll too. 

Also some forms of addressing them and several ideas to end our classes like singing a song because the learning will take place in a more natural, fun and effective way!
To organize the classroom for example giving some instructions in the same way that we make in our mother tongue and to asking permission when they need to go to the toilet.

As i have said before, to End the lessons we can put a song in the interactive display but also we can use some phrases to tell them that the class has ended, for instance, phrases with else (something else?) or with expressions like "That´s all for today" "Ok, now stop",....

Moreover they highlight the differences between teaching to Young Learners and Very Young Learners, being that we must speak pretty slowly and repeat a lot when we work in nursery education. And it is useful providing them fun activities where they have to touch and to feel the materials, because they will learn while they are playing.

And if we are beginning the course we can make dynamics where they introduce themselves to encourage the confidence and to know their peers.

By last, I want to show to you the icon which I use to work English in my classroom. It is a pink of England flag and when I wear it everyone has to speak in English.

My icon

My icon

See you round here soon!


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